I studied in Genoa, at the technical institute Gastaldi ABBA, where I received my high school diploma as a surveyor.
The following year I enrolled in the university course in Communication Sciences in Savona, but it did not reflect me at all and in a few months I took my life in my hands and decided to follow the artistic vein that I always kept inside.
In September 2015 I enrolled in Product Design and Nautical in Genoa, my city, where I had the opportunity to collaborate with companies and relate with them as a designer and graphics, I also had the opportunity to participate in exhibitions and events to which I was able to exhibit my projects.
Over the years I have been lucky enough to travel a lot with my family and this has allowed me to practice my main passion, photography, handed down to me by my grandfather, and practiced amatorially.
In 2017 I became part of the EIKON project which gives me the opportunity to show my vision of the world through a camera.
In January 2018, I and my two companions ranked first in a graphic contest for the creation of the Gigi Ghirotti logo an important local health association.
Later I collaborated in another independent project in the graphics and design development of Zenadronehub
To date, I am finishing my university career and doing a training internship with a company that deals with web design, apps, and digital graphics, and I continue to do my job as an amateur photographer.

Photos on EIKON Magazine: