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E I K O N - Genoa, Turin Project

What is EIKON?

EIKON is an independent photography project born on August 16th, 2017 with the purpose of creating a network of artists -a community of photographers- based in Italy, with the main center established in Genova and Torino.

The community is a place where everyone can share ideas and info and where cultural exchanges happen. The project, that was initially structured as a web magazine on Instagram, got much bigger on the web thanks to the international collaborations that gave an added value to the network. There are, in fact, a lot of different ways to collaborate with the project, depending on how much time and energy the photographers can place in it.

We are a very new project with big expectations and we cannot wait to make them a reality with the help of a big community and the wide possibilities of self-promotion that the net can give us nowadays.

Our project enlists a number of collections (Street Photography, Urban Photography, Art Reportages, Abstract, Urbex, Nightscapes at the moment) in which editors select artworks from our community photographers, in order to give them a heterogeneous feeling while maintaining a common theme. We recommend to any artist interested in collaborating with us to contact us, we'll be glad to see their material in our collections and to start new collaborations.

Keep up with EIKON by following us on Instagram or by checking our website. New features are coming soon, stay tuned.

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